2016 is a Fire Monkey year.  The year is from 4th (立春 Li Chun) February 2016 to 3rd February 2017.

2016 Chinese New Year is on the first day of the first lunar month, which is 8th February. Babies born in between 4th and 8th February are Monkey year babies.

The Li Chun Ba Zi of the Monkey year are:

丙申 (fire, metal), 庚寅 (metal, wood), 丙辰 (fire, earth), 丁酉(fire, metal)

The most prominent element of the year is fire, then metal. Earth and wood elements are weak. The water element is missing.

In 2016, finance will be one of the main concerns for most people. People will seek opportunities to make money. There will be more opportunities for most. Travel, changing career, reaching out to a different field or different region will happen for many people this year.

The property market will remain strong until August, it will slow down in the second half of the year. The share market will be unstable, with big ups and downs. Some people may have a chance to make a bucket full, some people may lose everything.

For the 12 animal signs, under the influence by the fire monkey, the wealth luck for each sign is different.


In general, the Rat year people’s finance looks good.  Rat has ‘three harmony’ relationship with Monkey. It is a good year for conservative investment. Business people can expand their business. Partnerships may not work out well this year. This year, the outgoings are also high, therefore it is important to manage finance more carefully, and save up some money for unexpected needs.

For Ox year people, the wealth luck in 2016 is much better than the previous year. 2015 was a hard working year, with little saving. This year will be still hard working, but much more productive, with more saving. The middle of the year will have more opportunities. However, there will be no easy money, conservative investments will be good. Don’t take big financial risks or gamble.

For the Tiger year people, this year they clash with the Grand Duke Monkey. The negative impact from the clash is strong. Wealth luck is up and down. There can be big wins and bigger losses. Be very careful, it is not a great year to start new businesses or speculate in finance. Don’t invest in things you don’t know. Don’t make big financial decisions in February or August.  It is a good time to do lot of charity to build good deeds, helping others and yourself.

For the Rabbit year people, this year the wealth luck is quite good. More opportunities and more sources of income. It will be a rewarding year. However, outgoings are also high. It is a good time to check the leaking money area in order to have more financial success. No easy money, avoid gambling.

For the Dragon year people, due to the good relationship with the Monkey, the finance luck is very positive. It is a good year to pursue finance goals. It is a hard working and rewarding year. For investments, blue chip shares or property will be positive. Avoid being greedy to avoid sudden loss.

For the Snake year people, this year has the ‘six harmonies’ with the Grand Duke Monkey. They will have more opportunities to obtain higher paid jobs, or promotion. The wealth luck is positive, it is a good year to speculate and take some risks. However, the journey may not be smooth, you will need to be alert to danger when you are in good times. Don’t do things you don’t know. Aggression may cause loss.

For the Horse year people, in the monkey year they have lot of movement.  Wealth comes from action, with big income and big outgoings. Wealth luck is not great. It is not a good year to start partnerships.  People may take advantage of you.  Not much luck with easy money, prepare to work hard and manage finance carefully. Conservation investment will be fine. Avoid putting all eggs in one basket to avoid loss. Finance will improve after August.

For the Sheep year people, they have experienced a tough year and financial stress in 2015, this year their luck will be much more positive, wealth luck is very positive. It is a good time to take some financial risk. It is also a good year to have partnerships or start new businesses.  There will be stable income and extra windfalls.

For the Monkey year people, in 2016, they are experiencing the ‘own fate’ 本命年. There are not many lucky stars for monkey year people. It is not a great year to pursue high finance goals. There is no much luck for easy money, and chances to lose big money. It is not a good time to start a new business or take financial risks. Luckily, your income is still stable. If you can manage carefully, you will be fine at the end. It is good time to do charity, helping others will improve your luck.

For the Rooster year people, in 2016, there are many lucky stars in your destiny. You will have more chance to make impressive money. It is a good year to try your best. Partnerships may not work out well, you may be not getting a fair share. It is a good year to do something new, making money from new areas, investments, and overseas.

For the Dog year people, in the fire monkey year, with the fire supporting the earth, your luck is good in general. You will have more strength and more opportunities to make money, income is stable. You can invest in the things you have control over.  Avoid blind investments or hot headed decisions. There is no easy money, avoid gambling or aggressive investment.

For the Pig year people, they have a ‘hurting relationship’ with the Grand Duke Monkey. There will be some challenge for work or business. It is not a great year for wealth luck. Financially, first half of the year is better than the second half of the year. With good financial planning, you have chances to make extra income in the first few months. Lay low from August onwards. Don’t take any financial risks, be conservative, and wait for the better time to embark your plans.

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By Mina R Zheng