• 2020 Sees a Shift in the Centre/Tai Chi of Buildings; Home, Workspace, Shed…

Energy shifts from Male dominated 2019 to Female focus.

Young Female/child & relationship of women in the home.

This Centre is a Trigram (7); The Joyous-LAKE, A lake that does not meet the sea to be refreshed; Risks & rewards of Travel and Romance.

And Elementally the & is Metal; Represents Internet & speaking; Metal which also represents an oral cavity, the mouth where reputations are destroyed, people talking about themselves, people’s lives dissected by Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Hurtful things that cannot be retracted, things come undone, sexual freedoms, love triangles, affairs, giving satisfaction, sexual passion, sexual revolution & lust not real Love.

Spiritual transformation & revolution, esoteric studies, psychic influence,

The Family is no longer a thing for 2020, we are flooded with “Look at me” Technology created a Monster where children are saturated & do not play outside anymore, parents are the head of the House, be responsible!

  • The Trigram 7 is no longer in Age/Time, therefore the Negative Qualities will appear, very little positive.

The 7 represents inflammation so how can that happen on a World Scale; Fires from the Amazon and Australia, as well as the Corona Virus.

  • Natures Law tells you exactly what will happen, you must go with the flow carefully not have your head removed or drown this Year.

Which brings us to the Character & Animal of the Year.

It is Yang Metal sitting on a Water Rat; by Nature Metal supports the Water.

  • Yang Metal- Like a Sword/The Queen in this case/Head of the House (Female)/weapons/Our leaders; they show us how weak they really are and lack flexible thinking & hasty in their actions..

Metal is tough and can endure hardship and suffering, while achieving their goal through blood, sweat, tears and their own hard work-hands on.

These Leaders in 2020 become destructive, careless, cannot handle fragile things, not flexible & principles do not exist, losing their Head like Ned Stark did, making people/Humanity direct=insensitive.

  • The Water Rat- becomes about Hearing; You don’t listen to understand, you listen to reply.

It is a year of Spies, what is really happening in the dark, behind closed doors we will find out, even in your neighbourhood.

Water is about the climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns.

Governments denying all tis exists when it is/we know it is associated with a band of warm ocean water that develops.

As the effects of an increasing El Nino spread across the world senior officials with the United Nations weather agency have said the world urgently needs to adopt drought-management policies like that of Australia; Go figure

2019 in Oz thousands of Water professionals from Australia and internationally united to “Transforming our World” via professionals in the Water sector, as well as policy makers, students, scientists and researchers.

They better get their act together.

Let prosperity Flow!