By Grace Niu @ Feng Shui Serenity

As a Feng Shui consultant, I often activate the wealth corner of a property during a Feng Shui Consultation. However, I can not do this alone. The beliefs we hold in our hearts around the theme of prosperity and abundance very much set the tone on how easily we can manifest this important aspect in our life. Do you have a ‘poverty mindset’?

Your belief around the theme of money will likely trace back to your childhood, and the patterns that were moulded by your parents. Is your brain correctly wired to invite the flow of abundance into your life? Are you blocking the prosperity unconsciously? Below are the 7 secrets to rewire your brain in order to invite the flow of abundance into your life with ease and grace (pun intended).


If you truly want to expand your capacity to receive abundance and live a wildly affluent life you MUST immerse yourself with the idea that money is just energy. This is based on the fact that everything in the universe operates through dynamic exchange.

Currency, our word for money, derives from a Latin word meaning “to run or flow”. Like a river, money must keep flowing, otherwise, it begins to clog and stagnate. Circulation keeps it alive and vital.  When you are spending money, always be graceful, be willing and with a kind intention that is helping others, never with a grudge or resentment.

And remember this: helping others make money and helping other people to fulfil their desires is a sure way to ensure you will make money for yourself as well as more easily fulfil your own dreams.

SECRET: Money, like all life force, is just energy. If you give willingly, you will actually find your wealth increases. 


Just because you can’t see what you desire materialise before your very eyes right at this moment, does not mean that it’s not on its way and conspiring with the Universe to land at your door step very soon.

This is the most important time to have an ‘abundance’ mindset instead of a ‘poverty’ one. Start to cultivate a feeling of abundance even when you have next to nothing in your bank account. Your current reality is not an indication of your worth or your potential.

SECRET: Abundance is a feeling you must carry in your heart regardless of the balance of your bank account.  You usually dont see the miracle happening until you have arrived. Believe.


Are you too nice and unable to say no to people when they ask for your help even with the most legitimate reason? Are you unable to put a fair price on the work you do even you have put in your heart and soul? Do you feel weird charging friends and family for your expertise, even if it is at a discount rate?

To graciously receive is also an expression of a dignity of giving. Give yourself permission and at the same time show the universe that you have the capability to receive the flow of abundance.

SECRET: Respect yourself, then others will follow, including abundance.


When we talk about abundance, we are conditioned to think ‘winning lotto’ or something extravagant. But abundance is everywhere if we open our eyes, big or small. Do you tend to pick up a 5-cent on the ground and thank the Universe for it? Thank Universe for it, no matter how small it is!

This is because: the Universe responds to how you think and feel. When you celebrate small wins, it tends to multiply, because it’s a sign of openness and willingness. It also trains your brain to be grateful for small things and raise your awareness of what you already have at this moment.  When you look for things to appreciate then the Universe will reward you by given you more things to be grateful for. Make it your daily practice and start from small.

SECRET: Be grateful for what you have, start from small and bigger things will come.


Do you donate, actively support or give to charitable causes? There is a magical energy that is activated when you give to others and be of service to others. This is the life blood of activating Abundance.

If you want to receive, you first need to learn to Give without expectation. This is the most magical way to show that you have an ability to give and to help others.

To donate and generously give to others is also a sign that you have an overfilled cup and this mentality will bring your many more to come.

SECRET: Share with others generously.

So that is all, my friends. Awareness of the above 5 secrets is itself a powerful tool. By being aware of these secrets, they are likely to sink into your subconscious and become a part of your daily experience.

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Grace Niu is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant, intuitive destiny coach, who created a heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful career in media of 15 years towards exploring her true life purpose.

She has studied intensively with the Australian College of Environmental Studies and various Feng Shui masters from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia including Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny. She is a professional member of the AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants) in Australia. She also holds a Master of Business degree in International Marketing, a Bachelor of Arts, a Certificate IV in Design.

She guides aspiring modern day women out of fear, uncertainty and frustration onto a light-filled path. She provides a different perspective through Destiny Profiling, Destiny coaching and Personalised Feng Shui to raise their vibration, shine their light through life’s twists and turns. She combines proven, centuries-old Eastern wisdom with the western mind and has a broad range of clients with all culture background.

She also works actively with large corporations both in Australia and China through events, public speaking as well as workshops for team-building using traditional Feng Shui principles and the Four Pillars of Destiny theory. She speaks fluent Mandarin and English.