Welcome to 2019, the year of the Earth Pig.

By Mina Zheng

立春八字 (Li Chun Ba Zi):

From the pig year Bazi chart, there are no missing elements in the pig year. 2018, the dog year, was more stagnant, however the pig year will be more balanced and productive.


The day master is yang water, the day pillar is water above metal, the water is supported by the metal element. The year pillar is earth and water elements. The water in the year pillar is supporting  the day master, the month pillar is fire over wood, the hour pillar is fire over fire. Overall, the fire element is most prominent from the chart. Fire associates with wealth in this year, which means in the pig year, finance will be the main concern, and it could be good for the economic outlook, with wealth picking up.


The governments of the major countries will come up with new policies to support their economies. International relationships will be busy. Due to the clashes of water and fire, it will not be a peaceful year. Countries will have new combinations and clashes on the world stage. Politics will be tied up with financial benefit. People will find that a wrong decision will cause a  big cost for a small gain.


The elements of the year will be favorable for IT, with high technology moving into a new phase. Robots will replace more jobs. Shares will fluctuate. However, the wealth element is strong, there will be plenty of opportunities for share investors. Property development will be conservative. The market is not favourable  at the high end. Mid and low price properties will be stable. Industries relating to shipping, networking, and delivery will flourish.


This year is good for travel, music, and the entertainment business. Education, publishing, and cultural development will be slow in the first half of the year, but will pick up in the second half of the year.


There will be some disasters relating to water and fire, such as storms, landslides, earth quakes, tsunamis, drought, and volcanic eruptions.

In the pig year people will be more realistic. It is a year of repair and improvement.  However, many people will travel to make money, study or other reasons. This year, people should pay more attention to safety.


For people born in different year will have different luck.


The sign with most lucky stars are: Rat, Horse

The best romantic signs are: Tiger

The best career signs are: Sheep, Rabbit, Rooster, Ox

The most creative, hard working and rewarding signs are:  Dog, Dragon, Monkey

The clash sign is: Snake

The confronting Grand Duke Jupiter sign is: Pig

Snake and Pig people need to lay low and take easy in Pig year.

Happy New 2019 Year

Mina Zheng