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2502, 2020

2020 Yearly Summary

2020 Sees a Shift in the Centre/Tai Chi of Buildings; Home, Workspace, Shed… Energy shifts from Male dominated 2019 to Female focus. Young Female/child & relationship of women in the home. This Centre is a [...]

911, 2017

Dowsing as a support in  Feng Shui

I recently gave a presentation at the AFSC conference on the Gold Coast 2017 on Dowsing  as a support to Feng Shui, followed by workshops on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, but dowsing is more [...]

2109, 2016


Two strangers cross in a busy city street, swipe their phones frantically to capture a Bulbasaur, and smile at one other. By Anthyony Ashworth You’d have to have been living under or perhaps in a [...]