I believe that most people have been to Noosa Heads. If not then at least they have heard of the Hasting Street in Noosa Heads.

What makes this place so special? Are there clues can be found from Feng Shui prospective?

The answer is yes.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I am sure I can tell you more about the Feng Shui characteristics of Noosa Heads. The family and I were having a holiday there in early January 2016.

Noosa Heads is about two hours’ drive from Brisbane. As approaching to Noosa district, you may discover there are many roundabouts.

In Feng Shui, roundabouts can be looked as a “water mouth Star”. In layman term is “Water Mouth Island”.  The main purple of “Water mouth Stars” is to slow down the Qi flows. The more the roundabouts in an area, the slower the qi flows. As a result, the Qi stays. The Qi stays. The wealth, health also stays. If receiving the current prosperity Qi, the wealth will be much stronger.

Roundabout at an intersection, in Form Feng Shui can be treated as Water Mouth Stars. There are also real Water Mouth Stars located at the Water Mouth of the Noosa River. The size of the water mouth of the Noosa River is also very narrow. It locks the water Qi inside. The major water mouth star is at the north side of the Noosa River.  Next time, when you are visiting Noosa Heads, you can walk or drive toward the Claude Batten Dr to the very end of the road. You can see the Water Mouth Star from there.

Secondly, the Noosa River, it flows from the Lake Cooroibah down South and turns at Tewantin toward east direction to the ocean.  The Noosa River is wide and water does not flow very fast. In such river flowing (West to East) direction, it will benefit the South side of the river. (Think of Sydney. The City is located at the South side of the Parramatta River. )

One of the other important concepts of Feng Shui is “Wind”. A place has strong wind; it is not a good Feng Shui place.

By the way, Feng Shui literally translates as “Wind” and “Water”

In classic Feng Shui text mentioned:


“Qi is dispersed when it rides on the wind


“And Qi is halted when it is bounded by a water course [Shui].”


Bases on the above theory, if you are standing in front of the Noosa Head Beach, You can feel the wind there is very gentle. On the other hand, if you are standing in front of the Sunshine Beach. For sure, you will feel that the wind is much heavier.

There is much more Qi stays at the Noosa Head Beach. As the result, there are many more people staying there. People stay and wealth stays too. This is why Hasting Street, Noosa is one of the expensive streets in Australia.

Along Hasting Street in Noosa Head, there is Noosa Notional Park at the North East section. There are a few hills in there. In Feng Shui time and space, these hills are also located at the right sector. It contributes to the good Feng Shui of Noosa Head.