AFSC® appreciates there are many people with an interest in Feng Shui or who are practising other subjects who also have an interest in Feng Shui, so we wish to extend you membership of the Association to further your Feng Shui skills.

Such members may include Professionals such as Interior Designers, Architects, or Builders, or may be those practicing Building Biology, Vastu Shastra, Professional Organising or Astrology; or you may simply be a member of the public looking to further your Feng Shui education.

Later, you may decide to study Feng Shui professionally.

Associate Members are listed by name in the Member Directory

Associate Members are NOT officially voting members of the Association and do not have voting rights.

Associate Members pay a non-refundable joining fee of AUD$100 and an annual fee of AUD$26, which gives unlimited access to member services including the Association’s Members Area where you may read, listen and view many presentations on Feng Shui from AFSC® and affiliated organisation members over the years. You also have access to the AFSC® Member’s Forum where you may research and ask questions to members about Feng Shui.