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    Carol Partridge
    AFSC ® Professional Member

    Carol Partridge brings together her expertise in feng shui, geomancy, space clearing, sick building analysis, Chinese and Western astrology, numerology, inherited psychic abilities and over 20 years in customer service to provide her clients with a unique and comprehensive feng shui service.

    She will advise you how to adjust the energies that surround you to create a beautiful space with greater ease and flow that attracts positive energy and prosperity.

    You can be confident the feng shui analysis and recommendations made by her will bring positive results as she has been trained by Oriental Feng Shui Grandmasters from around the world and many other respected teachers in their field.

    Home and Business Feng Shui Consultations are available throughout Melbourne and Australia. For more information, visit Carol's website www.sacredfengshuidesign.com.au

    Sacred Feng Shui Design
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    Australian College of Environmental Studies, European College of Feng Shui - Howard Choy, Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny
    Advanced Ba Zhai School (8 House School using 24 mountains), Ba Zhai School (8 House School) , Business Feng Shui, Compass School, Form School, Four Pillars/Ba Zi Chinese Astrology, He Tu Five Rat Formula (for multi-storey buildings), Incorporating Internet tools in Feng Shui practice, Practitioner Training (report writing, etc. instructional class), Qi Men Dun Jia, Xuan Kong Da Gua (64 Hexagrams), Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars)