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    Howard Choy is the Principal of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS) and a Director of 'ar.qi.tektur' in Berlin. Born in China, Howard migrated to Australia at a young age; after completing his B.Sc. and B.Arch. degrees at UNSW, he began studying Feng Shui in Hong Kong under the personal tutelage of Master Ren Zhi-Lin in 1978. Howard was responsible for the Feng Shui of the Urban Renewal of Sydney's Chinatown, which won the AILA National Project Awards 2000; he was the Feng Shui consultan

    European College of Feng Shui - Howard Choy
    Howard Choy
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    Advanced Ba Zhai School (8 House School using 24 Mountains); Annual Stars; Ba Zhai School (8 House School); Business Feng Shui; Compass School; Face Reading; Form School