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    Feng Shui Research Centre Australia
    AFSC ® Training Institute - Feng Shui

    Study Feng Shui the professional way with the FSRC. You will not be disappointed, this is the most comprehensive course written by Master Joseph Yu, with many translations from the Feng Shui classics.

    Master Jodi is a certified lecturer for Master Joseph Yu's Feng Shui Research Center, Canada, Jodi has been teaching the Feng Shui Professional Course and Business Feng Shui since 2001 and has written additional courses on Annual Stars, Luo Pan Mastery and Practitioner Training.

    Courses are available in person and live online and have been taught in Australia, Europe, Asia and North and South America.

    Feng Shui Research Centre (Australia) -Jodi Brunner
    Jodi Brunner
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    Advanced Ba Zhai School (8 House School using 24 Mountains); Annual Stars; Ba Zhai School (8 House School); Business Feng Shui; Compass School; Face Reading; Form School; Four Pillars/Ba Zi Chinese Astrology; He Tu Five Rat Formula (for multi-storey buildings); Incorporating Internet tools in Feng Shui Practice; Long Men Ba Da Jue; Luo Pan (instructional use of); Practitioner Training (report writing, instructional class etc.); Pure Yin Pure Yang Water Methods; Shan Shui Long Fan Gua; Xian Tian Hou Tian Water Methods; Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars); Xuan Kong Da Gua