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    Marlena Sharp
    AFSC ® Professional Member

    I am passionate about helping people to create a more holistic foundation in their life. Using classical Feng Shui techniques & the principles of good design I facilitate positive change in people’s lives. I can show you how to harness the positive energy in your home to maximize your potential and create a beautiful space for you to live.
    Transform your Home – Transform your Life!
    Marlena holds B. Design (Hons) from UTS & is certified in Feng Shui.

    The Feng Shui Living Room
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    0425 329 391
    New South Wales
    Educational History
    Australian Academy of Feng Shui Chinese Astrology and I Ching, Australian College of Environmental Studies, Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny
    Annual Stars, Compass School, Form School, Four Pillars/Ba Zi Chinese Astrology, Incorporating Internet tools in Feng Shui practice, Luo Pan (instructional use of), Practitioner Training (report writing, etc. instructional class), Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars), Yijing / I Ching Divination