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    Nancy Hegarty
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    My Feng Shui interest began in 2006, became a Professional Feng Shui Consultant in 2014 (and accredited natural health teacher and educational author 1999). Talk with me for consideration of: Creating daily 'miracles'; Personal requirements for avoiding uncharted currents in land and life that may be silently creating major health issues (or already have done so and how to address each one); Increasing that constructive energetic flow in your life. Leading interior designers, company builders (the latest project is a large monumental construction consisting of a bottling factory and offices by Austim Beverage Company SA in Dili, East Timor), medical professionals and people searching for property or life improvements employ my services to provide an audit report showing how to apply practical and sensible Feng Shui concepts at drafting stage, after building completion, or when too much negativity within their building has become uncomfortable to live with. Is it about time now to create your home improvement or progressive work space? Do it now and uplift your life where it needs joy by visiting www.nancyfengshui.com or direct email to nancyfengshui@gmail.com

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    Australian College of Environmental Studies
    Annual Stars, Compass School, Form School, Four Pillars/Ba Zi Chinese Astrology, Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars)