Office Transformation using Feng Shui

The transformation from the garage to what is now my home office, all began in October 2015, when I was travelling around China with my good friend Carolyn McCallum (Feng Shui Harmony). During one of our countless discussions on our favourite subject “Feng Shui”, I mentioned to Carolyn about the Flying Star Annual Number 9 visiting the East Sector of my townhouse in 2016, where the garage is situated. My townhouse was built in the Period 7, Southeast Facing/Northwest Sitting. In the East sector, the auspicious Water Star 8 resides and in order to activate and harness the good prosperous energy for 2016 it made sense to transform the garage into a home office.

Carolyn’s response was “You know what to do in order to harness the positive stars”. However, the huge stumbling block for me was, “where am I going to park my (beloved) car”! The very thought of parking my car outside in the weather i.e. sun and rain was not met with enthusiasm. I did contemplate on perhaps parking my car in the covered visitor’s area during the day and parking on the driveway outside my garage during the evening. Well, that option certainly was going to be an awful lot of car shuffling and the car would still be out in the weather.

Then quite unexpectedly, in early December 2015 there was a leaflet left in my letterbox advertising a car space for rent from a tenant who had recently moved into the complex. It so happened they did not require their allocated garage at the front of the complex. It was perfect, a secure and undercover garage. We negotiated a price and I was now on my way to converting my garage into an office. The Universe had heard me!

It was time to buckle down and do a little painting, well in actual fact a whole lot of painting. I needed to change the current colour scheme for the floor and walls. I decided on repainting the garage floor a Sandstock Yellow (Water Star 8) and a feature wall Symphony Red (Water Star 8 and Annual Star 9) in order to help support the fire and earth elements.

For the past two years I had been experiencing a huge amount of turmoil in my life and actually found the painting of the garage to be extremely therapeutic. Another practice, so often preached to our clients, “Clear out the Clutter”. I sorted, repacked and threw out many items accumulated over the years from the garage.

The transformation from a garage to a home office is now completed and I am very pleased with the results. On warm sunny days it is particularly inviting to take quiet moments at my desk and enjoy the tranquility of the front garden. To further activate the 8 Water Star, I have installed a small desk water fountain. At all times I use the garage entrance as my front door to keep the area activated. In the far corner of the garage (Northeast Sector) the flying star numbers are Mountain Star 5/Water Star 3 and Annual 5. This sector of the garage is for storage and along with a metal filing cabinet I have placed a solid bronze porthole that previously belonged to my father, perfect metal remedies to help drain the inauspicious and troublesome Number 5 Annual star as well as controlling the 3 water star.

To date, prosperity and abundance has come in a couple of forms. This is namely, the release of all the emotional obstacles that I experienced over what has been an arduous 15 months in sorting out my late father’s estate. In March, my three brothers and I each received a legacy from our father’s estate. I have also experienced the pleasure of reconnecting with my older brother whom previously was estranged from most of the family for many years. Also my daughter Stephanie is back working and earning good money.

In essence, I have “walked the talk” and put into practice what I have been studying in Flying Star Feng Shui (ACES, Certificate IV). The energy in my office feels right and I am on my way in establishing my new business Red Earth Dynamix and creating the best life possible, not only for myself and family, but for all of my future clients.


Linda Bennett

Red Earth Dynamix