Try these Feng Shui Tips

By Jenny Blume

Feng shui energies shift from year to year, so if you’re looking for love and romance, what does 2016 have in store? Being the year of the fire monkey, forget about treading the same old paths – we’ll be searching for more excitement, stimulation and variety. That’s great news for singles, but if you’re in a long term relationship, injecting a little more fun into things might be a smart idea.

Nip potential relationship problems in the bud by shaking up your usual routines. With Mars hanging around in the freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius for five months (an unusually long time) trips away and outdoor activities will help many couples to reconnect and rekindle those old romantic feelings; according to Western astrology, the period from March through to late September is tailor-made for travel and exploration, but if you’re stuck at home why not grab a daypack and explore some national parks or out-of-the-way spots … or get to know your local Chinatown?

For singles, sporting and outdoor-focussed clubs are likely to scene the scene for fun, and with the chatty Monkey Year spurring everyone on, the conversation should flow freely. It’s also a great year to book an adventurous trip away with friends; you might even bump into romance along the way.

On the home front, the most romantic (and creative) energy in 2016 will be flowing from the west. If your front door faces the setting sun or your bedroom is positioned in the western part of your home you might be in luck – and after a difficult year, you deserve a change in fortune!

To enhance your romantic feng shui over the coming year, start by clearing any clutter or broken items from the western part of your home (grab a compass if need be). Clearing out your bedroom is also be a good idea, especially under and around your bed – and singles, make some space in your wardrobe too. Filling your home with too much ‘stuff’ can trap you in the past, so if you want to invite more love and romance into your life, let it go. Don’t hang onto the past – make space for new people and experiences.

If you’ve had a rotten year, splurge on some fresh bed linen or if you’ve gone through a breakup consider buying a whole new bed, for mattresses and furniture can really hang onto bad vibes. At the very least, give it a good sage or even better, book a professional ‘space clearing’. The energy shift will be instant.

Avoid using too much red or ‘fire’ in your home’s western sector this year, and opt for cooling colours like blues, blacks and greens (they will better support the romantic energy). Actual plants should work well, especially when displayed in pairs – just be sure to keep them healthy and if you’re searching for harmony, avoid spiky or prickly varieties. Real or silk flowers should also work well, but avoid sticks or dried floral arrangements at all costs.

If you’re looking for love, place romantic images in the western part of your home (unless it’s the loo) or display a classic symbol of togetherness, such as a pair of mandarin ducks. Any pairings should work well, so if you like cats or rabbits or birds, go for it. As long as they make your heart sing!

Another love and romance-related sector is located in the south west part of your home. This can be enhanced with romantic images or flowers, and not just during 2016 but in any year. Unfortunately, in Australia and the southern hemisphere many homes have laundries in the south west sector (while living areas tend towards the sunny north), but even if this is the case, try to make it as bright and attractive as possible or add some pretty flowers to this part of your garden.

On a parting note, don’t forget that colour can also affect us in powerful ways, especially on a primal level. If you’re searching for more romance, transform your bedroom from bland to boudoir. Pale greys and whites may be popular, but they can feel a little cold. Warm shades ranging from pink and purple to deep burgundy, represent passion and arousal, while in feng shui terms, white symbolises purity and innocence. And remember that smells can also awaken the senses, so why not pop an oil burner by your bed or make up a fragrant massage oil? Ylang ylang’s exotic qualities work as an aphrodisiac for many people, while oils like Cedarwood, Jasmine, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose and Sandalwood can also increase desire.

Wishing you a happy, exciting and stimulating new year. May your most secret wishes come true!

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